Four good reasons for doing makeup
 If not all, then at least the vast majority of women exactly begins the day with a reduction of in the order, including the mandatory use of decorative cosmetics. Someone spends on the procedure for 10-15 minutes, someone hours is hardly enough to "beauty guidance" for the full program. Why do we do it, and not vain this work?

Of course, there is a function at the make-up as a disguise flaws - paint a pimple, remove dark circles under the eyes, or bring a blush to the pale cheeks. But even women with no obvious external defects are addicted to this kind of art - painting on his own face. The first and main reason - after all ... ..

1. Makeup makes us more attractive

If a woman wants with the help of makeup to look beautiful in the eyes of others, and especially men, it does not have any herself "a disservice", because so many representatives of the stronger sex, on the contrary, expressed negatively about "colored beauties" who under a ton of makeup will not make out the face of this?

To some extent this is true - a coarse, vulgar makeup really attracts only a very specific contingent of men. Typically, the average representative of the stronger sex too bright makeup and may be frightened. But it is also true that the gentle and delicate make-up these men, most likely, simply will not notice, but the focus on the woman yet to address and consider it a manifestation of the attractiveness of natural beauty. Relatively few men can fully appreciate the subtlety, thoughtfulness and harmony of your appearance, but the fact that you look great, many notice.

But in general, according to psychologists, and studies have confirmed it, make significantly increases the attractiveness of women in men's eyes, because they subconsciously look for yourself in a couple of women with more vivid and contrasting external data, such women are usually higher levels of estrogen, and more likely have numerous and healthy offspring.

We can assume that the use of make-up to attract men proved the main thing is not to overdo it and not to frighten the applicant is too aggressive cosmetics. Nevertheless
taste and accuracy in make-up - this is important. Reach improvement there, and any, even the most beautiful woman will always find that the stress in their appearance skillful makeup to become even more attractive.

2. Make prolongs life and improves health

Scientists in different countries in recent years have conducted studies and have confirmed that the make-up has beneficial effects on women's health. Of course, we can not say with absolute certainty that some of these studies have been commissioned by the manufacturers of decorative cosmetics with the aim to increase sales of its products.

 Four good reasons for doing makeup
   But, nevertheless, I think there is no reason not to trust the French specialists from the University of Saint-Etienne. In Paris, at the World Congress of Gerontology, they published the results of research among older women. According to scientists, women who apply makeup every day, have better coordination, better preserved balance and less likely to fall. Most likely, the daily application of make-up serves as a gymnastics, not only for the muscles of the body, but also for some parts of the brain responsible for discipline, attentiveness.

So it takes makeup perfection in this art, till old age and you'll look good, and in addition save the mental sharpness and clarity of movement.

3. Makeup raises self-esteem and makes a woman happy

In principle, "imposing beauty", and we enjoy the process and the outcome.
What makes a woman beautiful makeup happier, more confident, it increases its self-esteem, and demonstrate advanced research.

For example, in the Japanese laboratory of brain function in the city of Yokohama conducted an unusual experiment: women with certain disorders of the brain (slowing down the process of thinking, decreased ability to concentrate, memory loss) proposed to take advantage of what's new good makeup .  All the changes occurring in the brain were fixed devices .  So, brain scans showed that in women after applying make-up significantly reduced disturbances in the brain, and all indicators are responsible for a good mood and level of enjoyment, showed growth .  Even the women said that with the makeup, they began to feel more beautiful and happier .  Well, actually, is not pleased with some effort and diligence, underlining that it should be emphasized, and veiled what you want to hide, look in the mirror at the result and say, "Yes, I was just beautiful! " .  To do this, just love yourself, indulgent treat their shortcomings, have a good quality cosmetics and certain skills . 

4. Make improves skin condition

The benefits of make-up, not only in the psychotherapeutic effect, modern makeup more often include components that improve skin condition.

 Four good reasons for doing makeup
   Powder, foundation, lipstick, all the attributes of beauty, especially luxury - not only adorn us, but also take care of the skin, moisturize it, protect against UV rays, prevents photo-aging effect. To tell the truth, even the dust and smoke of the big city, full of toxic substances remains to a large extent on the make-up and does not penetrate through the pores of the body. It is therefore important to remove makeup cleanser returning home after a day of work or walk.

It is worth to mention the benefits of a winter make-up, because the attitude has changed significantly in recent years. It is proved that winter make-up is not only not harmful, but on the contrary, is extremely useful. It protects the skin from the external environment, hypothermia, and thus helps keep her youth and beauty. But if the winter is not to use foundation, powder and lipstick, then problems such as over-drying, chapping of the skin of the face and lips, in this period will occur relatively frequently.

 Four good reasons for doing makeup
 Cosmetics of high quality should not be harmful.   If even the comparatively recent past, cosmetics could include toxic dyes and other components that could harm the health and condition of the skin, but now it is almost impossible .  But negative results even when using cosmetics luxury cosmetics and middle class still sometimes occur .  The reason is the incompatibility of the individual, expired tools, improper storage, or simply banal forgery .  Therefore, you probably should not "buy beauty" on sale in the stalls at the markets, with hands .  Poor cosmetics can cause infection of the tear ducts, conjunctivitis, lacrimation and blurred vision, skin irritation and allergy .  We should not forget that cosmetics today - a wax, paraffin, essential oils, vitamins and minerals and dyes .  These components if not properly stored, not only lose their useful properties, but also can buy bad quality, in fact, turn into a poison . 

Refers to the selection of decorative cosmetics carefully and responsibly, because we still nanosim tonal resources, powder, lipstick, paint on the skin, not the shoes, then the likelihood of adverse effects on the drag makeup will be reduced to zero.

Beautiful make-up - a quality cosmetics, chosen for your skin type, made in harmonious colors, stamped with skill and care. This makeup does not look vulgar, it emphasizes the dignity and hides the flaws adds to our lives of joy and pleasure to deal with it nice and helpful.
Author: Olga Travleeva