Gold cosmetics
 In China since ancient times gold was considered the color of health and Tibetan medicine guru precious metal powder used in their drugs.

For centuries, people believed that gold has various kinds of magical properties. His brilliance has always symbolized wealth, fortune, beauty, longevity and health. Use of funds based on gold is described in ancient Chinese medical treatises. Also cosmetic preparations containing gold were known in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Until now, Indian, Japanese and Chinese healers treat various skin diseases gold. In Japan, gold foil is added to tea, sake and food as a tonic.

Currently in cosmetology also actively use gold, but now it is introduced into the cream in the form of ions, which perform several functions. They improve the skin penetration of other components of the cream: vitamins, plant extracts or hormones. They are hard to get in the skin without a guide. In this way the conductor and acts as gold. Containing his creams are always well absorbed. In addition, these cosmetic products, saturated with ions of gold, have another distinguishing feature - they accelerate the division of skin cells. It is very important for women over 30-35 years. Therefore, the noble metal is often used in lines for mature and aging skin. They produced many well known companies.

Of gold is extracted from sea water for creams and serums Maria Galland and Guerlain, protects the integrity, strength and vitality of skin. Particles of gold firming gel Jose Eisenberg illumine its healthy glow and erase signs of fatigue, and lotion Estee Lauder - more noble and pleasing to the eye by blinking. Waterproof oil with golden pollen Z.One Concept protects the hair and body of the solar aggression. Specialists Avon offers anti-aging cream with gold ions.

But these days, gold is used not only in the means to care, but also in decorative cosmetics. For example, the brand produces a MAC eyeshadow with gold dust, which gives the eyes an unusual magical glow. Or makeup base with gold particles (L'OR - Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold) - gel particles of 24 carat gold - gives freshness and inner glow skin, make-up falls naturally and easily.

Using cutting edge technology, scientists have produced the so-called "biologically active gold" (chelate gold) - gold from organic plants associated with amino acids so quickly transported to all layers of the skin and easily absorbed by human cells. Biogold increases the skin's ability to absorb active ingredients creates a natural protective film to preserve the natural moisture of the skin, contributes to the saturation of the skin with oxygen. In conjunction with the various plant components Bio-Gold promotes cell regeneration, improves skin elasticity and protects the skin from undesirable age-related changes. Use of products containing this amazing component allows to achieve stable pronounced effect of rejuvenation.

In modern Chinese cosmetics Bio-Gold is widely used and very effective .  Colloidal gold is combined with hyaluronic acid, and traditional Chinese ingredients - peptides, silk, pearl powder and extracts of medicinal plants - Promotes rapid regeneration of the skin, smoothes wrinkles and keeps the skin supple and soft .  So popular Chinese cosmetic brand Meilunna introduced in the market a series of products based on bio-gold and grape anti-aging .  Grape extract contains organic acid, pectin and tannins, amino acids, vitamins C, B, K, P, carotene .  Bio-gold, in turn, significantly improves the ability of the skin to absorb and preserve moisture and is an excellent "guide" for nutrients .  This harmonious union of components of mineral and vegetable origin slows the aging process, prevents the formation of wrinkles, has a powerful antioxidant effect .  Another equally well-known manufacturer of cosmetics eastern Pullana, too, has in its arsenal of beauty products with a combination of 24 carat gold and organic herbs . 

Since time immemorial, the beauty included among basic human values, along with faith, hope and love. Sometimes beauty even fell in the first place. But beauty, like a jewel, requires an appropriate frame - so why not make this a frame of gold, especially if the cosmetic industry will help us in this!
Author: Inna Sedykh