Instant tan: safe, fast, and fun!
 In the last century the inimitable Coco Chanel introduced the fashion for a tan. But after the invention of "artificial sun" and the availability of treatments boom shook the world of tanning. However, for health reasons or because of the type of the skin, or the lack of free time, not everyone can go to a sun deck and sunbathing. With instant tanning procedure they can finally look great and do not harm your health. Tanning without the sun - it has long become a popular procedure in Europe and America.

Instant tan, tan on the basis of sugar cane, an alternative tan, Hollywood tan, DHA-tan, tan without sun - these are different names of the same method based on the interaction of an extract from sugar cane with skin cells .  This way, tan are almost all without exception, Hollywood stars .  Instant tan without UV is achieved thanks to the pigment dispersion of sugarcane as a lotion .  This technology is more perfect: the juice of sugar cane, from which developed the lotion has a natural bronze color .  Lotion pollinates horny layer of the epidermis .  Due to its consistency, beautifully sprayed and excludes any defects during application .  Excess lotion, as well as microscopic droplets remaining on the hairline, are removed at the earliest water treatments .  As a result, the skin formed "melanoidins", which give the skin a natural tan color .  Instant tan - is a new way to get a beautiful shade of your skin without exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation .  In addition, the Hollywood tan has a number of advantages: it does not clog pores, the composition of Sun pores and tightens the skin, it is suitable for any type .  The procedure can be repeated as often as you like .  If the shade of the resulting "Sun" you did not accept, then the procedure can be repeated after 3-4 days for the purchase of a darker shade .  On the face cane tan will last 3-4 days, due to enhanced recovery and use of cosmetic products, on the body of a beautiful chocolate color will last up to 10 days .

If the "Hollywood tan" - more salon treatment, the so-called self-tanning manual is available at home. Bronzaty cream paint over layers of the epidermis due to the interaction of active substances with the proteins of the skin and quickly rinsed off with water. Often, these tools give the skin a beautiful sheen and shimmer by reflective particles in its composition (Touch of Sun, OLAY; dry spray tanning, L'Oreal; tanning mousse, Garnier). Cream bronzaty are momentary - they appear at once (with instant tinted self-tanning effect Self Tan, Oriflame) and tanning, which appear gradually (Holiday Skin, Jonson's; Summer Glow, Dove; Summer Touch, Nivea).

When applying bronzers funds should be aware of some rules, compliance with which will help you get the desired shade, not blotchy skin. When applying bronzata use cellophane or rubber gloves that will prevent unwanted staining hands. To avoid stains when applying instant tanning bronzat mix and moisturizer (ratio 1: 1). The means for obtaining a gradual tint bronzat and moisturizing ingredients already balanced.

Special attention is required in the area of ​​skin knees, elbows and underarms. In these places it is painted faster, so there is less need to apply broniziruyuschih funds.

However, for home tanning salon and yet there are contraindications: skin problems (psoriasis, cuts or other damage).

70% of people, for whatever reason, can not and do not want to sunbathe in the sun and attend solarium. Now that the skin has got a golden color of the sun, you do not need the sun! The alternative - His Majesty Tanning!
Author: Inna Sedykh