Looking ahead: choose organic cosmetics
 "Buy organic, natural '- the last time and hear about the benefits of these values ​​for our body. But is it really? Who needs to score our heads different trends, trends, innovations? Who is interested? Are we ourselves make a choice or a choice made for us? Try to understand ...

The idea of ​​a harmonious life with nature, in principle, is not new. More of our ancestors loved to use as a grass care, food, goose fat, etc. All this with the success plastered over and waited for the result of miraculous manifestations. But our ancestors had no choice then, the company Procter & Gamble has not yet appeared.

Now just imagine, people are becoming more and more, less and less the nature and our planet is turning into one of the great and terrible scenarios of the movie Avatar. Its resources are over, let's go look for a place where only a full prosperity. Will all herbs, roots, oils, or better find another way to the production of cosmetics without the destruction of Mother Nature. After all, it's nice to get out into the woods to breathe clean forest air, pick an armful of flowers. With the transformation of the production of cosmetics clean "pick flowers" will not work, they just will not.

The inability to find a new system for the production of cosmetics manufacturers forces to apply to the past, and be based on the old idea of ​​naturalness, adding a little bit of innovation in manufacturing technology. Fundamental changes in the cosmetic industry as there was no and no. Do not kid yourself, a jar with white cream was a hundred years ago, except now it was gone from the market? No. Changing the design of packaging, ingredients vary only in some places. Where then is innovation?

After all, if in a cream to reduce the level of preservatives, then automatically reduces the shelf life of products. And as we know, the most important thing for the producer - to earn more money, so be it, that the main driving force in the trade of organic cosmetics is a socially-oriented marketing. So the producer is just at hand. The question is: why?

 Looking ahead: choose organic cosmetics
   Yes, it is everything that customers buy a product that they like .  This is the principle - come not come, love did not like you and me - one family .  Well, tell me, have you ever seen a woman who would buy the cream, based on reason and logic .  It looked to be careful composition, studied mixture of ingredients in cosmetics .  But no, and the lack of time and education here at anything .  It's all too lazy to think for themselves .  Manufacturer sweet carrots showed us that de I care about you, and "chemistry" removed, and plants grown without pesticides, everything is done for you, dear customers, well almost, and he did not hand him we went .  And representatives of the female sex, as you know, love is not only the ears, but the eyes .  Otherwise, I would not spend an incredible amount of money to buy the next magic bullet .  Design of organic resources in natural shades of green, the packaging of the wood (do not be surprised, there are caring: Packaging planted, and grow a new tree), the most valuable and purest varieties of plants, but it's just music to our ears .  Finally, women think, found a producer who take care of us, not what some of our pests Beauty .

 Looking ahead: choose organic cosmetics
   But on the other hand, maybe the organic trend in the cosmetic industry - this is fashion, which over time will pass .  So too do we need, buyers, organic cosmetics, which often have no money, and most common in the .  After all, we must not forget the fact that in order to make a positive and useful, you need much more money, even if it is to grow plants without chemical fertilizers, and this process is not so simple .  Are our customers in the future to pay more for cleanliness or are not ready? Will increase the demand for these products, and interest will come from the buyer or the whole planet will go on the ecological production of goods and then purchasing organic cosmetics will disappear by itself, since all products will be "green"? But the environmental impact in the production of man himself? What comes first - nature or man? Is it ethical when the manufacturer plays on the emotions of buyers, repeating the same thought, "back to nature", but at the same time not allowing the majority of the population to enjoy the "natural" is good? Because you want to be healthy and beautiful, pay for naturalness . 

How then will develop the trend of organic life? In fact, not difficult to imagine. The higher your financial freedom, the higher your standard of living. So, you'll surround yourself with things that are not so much a positive effect on your status, but also isolated from the medium of their own kind. And no matter what will be called a newfangled trend, the choice is made for us.
Author: Oksana Charles