Plates and gels for white-white teeth
 Hollywood smile - a snow-white teeth. I can not believe that every American celebrity was there since childhood papa dentist who, as the father of Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" closely monitors the contents of the pockets of his child of - in the event control over the prohibited candies and chocolates.

Teeth are rarely really white. Their color can be the following colors: pearl, ivory, gray, yellow. Some medications (such as some antibiotics, is very common in the seventies) strongly "yellow" teeth. Smoke cigarettes, tea and coffee also affect the color of teeth, leaving a trail on the enamel. Age plays a role: the same 18 teeth are not the same, that in 45 years.

To whiten your teeth, there are some remedies.

Ambulatory method:   the use of bleaching gels (based on hydrogen peroxide) gives a very convincing result. Practitioner "produces" a drain in the format of your teeth. You pour the chemical to gel by placing it on their teeth. After setting the time, the drain is removed. Teeth good "lightened", but it must be at least 2 weeks of treatment and serious care, to have this result.

Whitening at the dentist is more or less the same way, with the difference that the product used contains hydrogen peroxide in a strong concentration (up to 35% when 3% for home gel). Gums should be carefully protected prior to treatment. It should be a few sessions to get noticeable results.

And to keep the resulting white, you must renew the treatment once or twice a year. But note that in this way can only bleach stains or yellowing teeth. If the color is genetic or pathological (tetracycline type drugs), all gels are powerless!

But if the yellowness on your teeth is not a chronic, weekly cleaning with bicarbonate of soda will make a small miracle.

Strawberries (fruit) has also bleaching capabilities, just like salt, sage leaves and lemon juice.

But do not be cleaned six times a day in the hope of their teeth whiten, if your base color yellow: in this case only the plate attached to the front side of your teeth by a dentist, will give a bright white smile. It is a strip of 5/10 mm ceramic resin that a dentist adheres to the front side of teeth. Effective and immediate results! (Very popular in the West.)

Trade now offers some alternatives to this procedure, under the guise of products that impose themselves to the teeth, taking them out of a small bath brush. Prices are quite different - depending on the quality of "tiles" and the "glue", but before you spend money on a "tile", look at the price - may be better just to whitewash your teeth at the dentist? Or, conversely, try it! You have nothing to lose!