Alexa Chung touts new fortified nail polish
 Famous model Alexa Chung - a supporter of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps that is why the brand Nails Inc. She made her the face of its advertising and brand new looking after the super-formula nail polish.

The basis of the new formula - collard greens (in English this Kale), varnishes and themselves and will be called NailKale. Collard greens has always been recognized by nutritionists one of the most useful vegetables, and now nail brand turned his attention to the healthy properties of cabbage.

New lakes are full of vitamins, antioxidants and calcium, which help nails to be stronger and faster growing.

NailKale New products will be available in late August. And it is advertising the new varnish with cabbage, which is a star Alexa Chung:

 Alexa Chung touts new fortified nail polish

Author: Julia Gnedina