New shower gels in the line of Avon Senses
 Avon is a new line of shower gels Senses. New products are presented in three categories: moisturizing shower gels, moisturizing cream-gel with a gentle formula and men's shampoos, gels, deodorant effect.

Treat yourself to a heavenly fragrance of exotic flowers and fruits, along with shower gel Senses «Garden of Eden" Which will make your skin more soft and silky.

Recharge your juicy freshness of mandarin and grapefruit, and experience the invigorating scent of sea bay will help moisturizing shower Senses «Citrus charge"   and "Sea Lagoon" .

In order to relax after a hard day and enjoy the cozy seclusion, ideal new cream shower gels Senses «Aroma Secrets"   with a subtle scent of jasmine and roses and "Aromatherapy"   with notes of exquisite oriental orchids and juicy raspberries.

Thanks creamy formula, they gently cleanse and moisturize the skin, giving it an unusual tenderness and velvety.

 New shower gels in the line of Avon Senses

Specially for men Avon   has developed a tool for the soul of the 2-in-1 with the deodorizing effect.

Away from everyday reality and feel the skin cool waterfall is now possible thanks to the shampoo-gel "Force of gravity"   with notes of sage and sandalwood.

Feel the energy boost and a burst of energy will enable the aroma "Extreme" Filled with sparkling grapefruit and cedar.

Enjoy the freshness of the help notes of amber and black pepper that delightfully combine in a new shampoo-shower gel deodorant effect "Exciting sense"   from Avon Senses .

  Whatever your choice of relaxation or a boost of energy, new shower gels Senses   guessed your mood and allow a short time to break away from the daily routine and immerse yourself in the world of dreams.

 New shower gels in the line of Avon Senses

Launch date: 08.07. 2014

In the catalog 10/2014 (07.08.2014 - 07.28.2014) any shower gel Senses of the updated collection available at a price 59 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova