The kitchen is open LUSH
 This spring LUSH launches new project in which will be produced as an exclusive news, and already beloved by customers funds. A totally new concept - small batches of products of limited collections are made every day, you can only buy them online.

LUSH Kitchen   offers a completely new way of delivering cosmetics customers: products are sent to recipients in the manufacture of the day ... fresh, straight from the kitchen table.

You will be able to observe the process in real time on the new site

 The kitchen is open LUSH

For the first time, you will see the internal processes of the factory: as a master, like cooks, hand made products LUSH, using the best, fresh, ethically procured ingredients. This is a unique event in the beauty industry - we will show normally hidden part of the production process.

Observing and exploring the magic transformation of raw ingredients to the finished product, you will have access to specialists LUSH and will witness the most exciting of the present and the production process.

Author: Anna Shustrova