Manicures can make robots and vending machines
 You get frustrated if you can not get your manicurist, who went to the sea? Or if you do not have time to hike to the salon? One solution could be an invitation manicurists at home and even in the office. But now there is a new proposal: How about we do a manicure in the street or at the mall, not communicating with the master?

Apparatus for applying nail design on your nails looks very similar to an ATM. And it works is simple: he analyzes the shape of your nails, choose the right size of the sticker, glue it onto nails. You just have to select the design.

 Manicures can make robots and vending machines

Service robots such manicure is $ 25 (2, 5 dollar per sticker). This, of course, is not cheap, but very comfortable. Especially for those who are not set up to spend a lot of time waiting in line communication with other clients of the salon, strained compliments his master.

Machines for nail-art first appeared in the Asian market. But perhaps soon take root and from the Europeans, and even appear to us in Russia. The system is called Fingernails 2 Go, at its creation applied technology experts in Japan, the USA and Hewlett Packard.

See how it works:

Interestingly, a pedicure, too, such machines can do?

Author: Julia Gnedina