NEW: sorbets Moisturizing Body The Body Shop
 The Body Shop knows how to escape from the summer heat and enjoy the feeling of freshness all day long!

New sorbets Moisturizing Body (200ml) - a real "ice cream" for your skin: cool, refresh and protect from the scorching sun. Ultra-light texture is instantly absorbed, leaving no sticky feel and making the skin smooth as silk.

As with real ice cream, sorbets we have the most delicious fruit "flavors" - "Mango", "Satsuma", "Strawberry"   and "Grapefruit" . And fans of floral scents will not be able to resist the light and delicate flavor "Moringa" .

The structure includes sorbet 100% organic Aloe Vera , Purchased in Guatemala by Fair Trade program. This component softens, moisturizes and soothes the skin, "Charter" under the hot summer sun and thirsty comfort. Refreshing and enjoy!

 NEW: sorbets Moisturizing Body The Body Shop

Author: Anna Shustrova