The most expensive dress of the season
 According to New York Magazine, the most expensive dress of the season - a model of Marc Jacobs, to the Spring 2014 show. Luxury dress sewn from fabric, every meter is worth about 10 thousand dollars. So, how much is the dress of this matter?

The material is made by hand in the Swiss studio. Its texture - it is embroidery. Each fragment of the pattern - shred a flower organza sewn luxurious yarn (each item took no less than 3 meters of luxury thread). Matter with embroidery for the dress created by three skilled workers for a week.

For one meter of this fabric design studio Jacobs paid 8000 euros. And her dress was worth 28,000 dollars. This is a record price when compared outfits of all the spring collections this year.

 The most expensive dress of the season

Dress limited edition exclusively for celebrities and for filming in glossy magazines. At the end of the season is likely to be removed in the model file, seasonal discounts on such a luxurious model is not provided.

Author: Julia Gnedina