Organic Citrus deodorant Weleda
 Weleda is a novelty in the Russian market 100% organic citrus deodorant that will give you the ease and freshness.

The product consists of organic essential oils of lemon peel, specially grown for the company Weleda in biodynamic farm on the sunny island of Sicily. Deodorant acts solely due to natural ingredients, It does not contain synthetic flavors, dyes and preservatives, aluminum phthalate . It is nice to refresh the skin without clogging the pores and without breaking the activity of the sweat glands, prevents and neutralizes odor.

Citrus deodorant Weleda received three stars NaTrue. This means that it is 100% organic: it is composed exclusively of natural origin ingredients grown in certified organic farms.

The effectiveness of deodorant confirmed by dermatological tests are carried out by independent experts. The product has no ingredients of animal origin and in its production were not conducted experiments on animals (Weleda since its inception is a staunch opponent of similar studies). Deodorant is produced in an environmentally friendly glass bottle with a convenient removable spray. Weleda refused environmentally harmful aerosol.

 Organic Citrus deodorant Weleda

Organic Citrus Weleda Deodorant contains no synthetic preservatives and fragrances, as well as other potentially hazardous substances that are often found in deodorants mass series: propylene aluminum salts, paraben.

Deodorant sprayed on clean, dry skin from a distance of 10-15 cm. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated during the day.

The full composition:   Alcohol, water, natural essential oils of citrus.

Volume: 30 ml or 100 ml.

Recommended retail price: 306 rubles. and 604 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova