Makeup by 14 February Artistry: the image of "Magic color"
 In the most romantic holiday of the year wants to look especially attractive. Going on a date to this day, allow yourself to experiment a bit! Create a mysterious, alluring way you can with color smoky eyes and luminous skin tone. ARTISTRY brand helps to place accents in shimmering festive makeup.


- As a basis apply on the entire eyelid away from the lashes to the brow light beige highlighter, such as ARTISTRY shade shade Silk.

- Apply a dark brown shade, for example, ARTISTRY hue Rich, in the inner corner of the eye from lash line to crease.

- Add rich purple-violet shade, for example, ARTISTRY shade Eclipse, all the mobile eyelid and crease line, blend them in order to soften the edges with a brown tint.

- To create the shadows and volume at the base of the eyelashes, apply black liner along the contour-line growth in the upper and lower lashes. Use automatic liquid eyeliner ARTISTRY Signature Eyes.

- Blend eyeliner black shade along the growth of the upper and lower lashes over the liner to soften and fix the color.

- Make the image more expressive, having put on the upper and lower lashes volume and lengthening mascara, eg, mascara length and separation from ARTISTRY.

 Makeup by 14 February Artistry: the image of "Magic color"


- To create a loop, which will emphasize the cheekbones, apply a darker shade of powder in the area under the cheekbones.

- Apply a lighter shade on the apples of the cheeks, shading towards temples. This will soften the contour and gives the skin a radiant appearance.


- For daytime make-up put on the lips of golden-pink shade, for example, using lipstick, lip gloss ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Apricot Glace.

 Makeup by 14 February Artistry: the image of "Magic color"

The romantic image of the complement enigmatic smile on your face. Have a nice evening!

Author: Anna Shustrova