New The Body Shop: Soothing Gel "Aloe"
 When your skin sends a signal SOS, Soothing Gel "Aloe" immediately comes to her rescue! New super-gel with a high concentration of 100% organic Aloe Vera in minutes refreshes, moisturizes the skin and restores its sense of comfort.

Sunburn? Chapped, dry, cracked skin? Aloe Vera for centuries been used as a universal natural emollient and soothing agent in dealing with all types of skin irritation from insect bites and ending with light burns.

Softening Gel "Aloe"   - Super-concentrated gel containing 100% organic Aloe Vera. Apply it with light circular movements on the affected skin area, or (if your skin is particularly sensitive) spread over the entire skin of the face / body to quickly regain her sense of comfort.

 New The Body Shop: Soothing Gel "Aloe"

The composition of the gel softens "Aloe" is an organic Aloe Vera purchased in Guatemala under the "fair trade". Succulent leaves of Aloe manually collected, washed and milled for 6 hours in order to keep their freshness and to ensure exclusive quality. With this technology, as well as the lack of perfumes, parabens and dyes Gel "Aloe" ideal for sensitive skin . The light texture is also extremely pleasant to use.

Softening Gel "Aloe" will be in stores The Body Shop at the beginning of February 2014

Retail price: 690 rub.

Author: Anna Shustrova