February 4 - World Cancer Day
 Girls who are interested in what's new makeup, you know that in October, many cosmetic companies are connected to the campaign "Pink Ribbon", which aims to draw our attention to the problem of breast cancer. But recall Oncology worth much more. And on 4 February it helps to do it.

One of the most common forms of cancer women - cervical cancer. According to statistics, up to 10% of the deaths of young women caused by the disease. Every day in Russia uterine cancer kills 17 young women.

The sad statistics also because that cervical cancer can be prevented. To do this, every woman older than 25 years should undergo examination by a gynecologist. The method of detection of the disease is painless and simple. But the results make it possible to prevent the development of cancer.

Experts from the European Union developed the European Code of the fight against cancer, it was done 20 years ago. The main idea of ​​the Code - Prevention of about 80% of cases of cancer. Let's not forget about it!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina