New steam Philips Perfect Care Pure technology Optimal Temp
 The company Philips introduces a new lightweight and compact steam generator Perfect Care Pure . The powerful device is equipped with technology Optimal Temp Through which it can be safely and effectively ironed any fabric without changing the settings. Wait until the appliance warms up or cools down to the required temperature will remain in the past: now you can not hesitate to iron fabrics of varying difficulty - from silk to linen and denim.

New steam Perfect Care Pure   (Models GC7619, GC7620, GC7630   and GC7635 ) Is ideal for owners of small apartments, but large piles of laundry. The device is easy to store and easy to move thanks to its compact size and low weight - it is an average of 40% smaller and lighter than a conventional generator. In addition, it can be placed on any ironing board.

 New steam Philips Perfect Care Pure technology Optimal Temp

Despite its compact size, the new steam generators Philips Perfect Care Pure   possess impressive performance capacity: the vapor pressure to 5 bar Constant steam to 120 g / m , Steam blow - up 245 g / m   some models.

Another innovation concerns the water purification system from scale. Now housewives can forget about the yellow stains on clothing and the need to regularly clean the steam generator from the scale. The device is equipped with a replaceable built-in filter   Water purification Pure Steam That allows you to get rid of 99% of scale. Thanks to a thorough clean-water steam serve up to 5 times longer And a special indicator notifies that the time to change the filter. Crystal-clear pairs   protect clothes from limestone flakes and stains. The kit consists of two steam generator replacement filters, each of which lasts about three months, depending on the hardness of the water.

The new six-layer soleplate T-ionic Glide It has a substrate of stainless steel and an upper coating of titanium oxide. It is designed for even more easy and smooth slide, resistant to wear and tear, which significantly extends the life of the instrument.

 New steam Philips Perfect Care Pure technology Optimal Temp

New steam Perfect Care Pure   will be indispensable modern housewife and perfectly fit into any interior.

Steam generators Philips Perfect Care Pure   will be available in oktyabre2013 year. The suggested retail price will be: GC7619   - 8 990 rubles, GC7620   - 9390 rubles GC7630   - 9590 rubles GC7635   - 9990 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova