Gift Set Scentsations Charmed Trio of CND
 As a New Year gift CND brand offers a limited set of Scentsations Charmed Trio, which includes three mini-fragrant lotion: plum Veiled Plum, Cranberry and Cranberry grassy Wicked Ivy. Compact bottle, delicate texture means and great moisturizing properties.

Lotion with extracts of plum   perfectly tones, nourishes and is ideal for very dry skin. Not for nothing in China this fruit symbolizes longevity, because it rejuvenates, restores skin elasticity and freshness of the former. And contained in the discharge of fatty oils have a mitigating effect.

Cranberry Scentsations   - Excellent heals and regenerates. Due to the huge amount of antioxidants, cranberry slows cell aging and prolongs youth.

Remedy CND Wicked Ivy   promotes cell renewal and imbues them with energy. Ivy , Part of the lotion nourishes the skin with organic acids, trace elements, iodine, mineral salts, essential oils and vitamins A, B and E. Due to this composition, ivy is considered an excellent antiseptic.

 Gift Set Scentsations Charmed Trio of CND

Price: 600 rubles. (Set of 3 mini lotion 59 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova