Look and hudey: photography, which helps to lose weight
 Site WomensHealth.com told about a new way to maintain motivation for weight loss. It turns out not to have donuts and cakes and stick to choose a diet, it is enough to look at the pictures of low-calorie products.

The efficiency of this method is confirmed by studies and tests. Women who looked at a photo of low-calorie foods (mostly, it is vegetables, fruits and healthy options), ate less food than those who looked at the photos or images gastronomic delights, never associated with food.

Scientists explained that the picture acts as a subtle visual reminder for the purposes of those who are trying to lose weight. Therefore, they are advised to arrange stimulating photos on the refrigerator, kitchen furniture, and even as the wallpaper for your computer monitor or laptop. In this case, you will consume fewer calories without even thinking about it.

This is one of those life-saving photos, put it on his mobile phone and you will lose weight:

 Look and hudey: photography, which helps to lose weight

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina