In the UK, breastfeeding is paid
 British lawmakers came up with the initiative: material encourage women to breastfeed their children. It was decided to pay them a small monthly allowance.

While this test program. It will operate in areas of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. But if the program will give good results, it is assumed financially rewarding for all British women breastfeeding.

According to the innovation, every woman who decided to breast-feed, will receive a voucher for the amount of 120 pounds (190 dollars) for the first 6 weeks after childbirth, and 80 pounds (127 dollars) a month to 6 months.

British lawmakers are very concerned that their compatriot less often decide to breastfeed. The percentage of women who are breastfeeding, in the UK one of the lowest among all developed countries. Only 34% of mothers fed their children milk up to 6 months, as recommended by the National Health Service of the country.

Another feature of breastfeeding in England - resort to it more affluent women. A woman with a small income to feed the children prefer artificial mixtures as forced immediately after birth to come to work. That is why financial compensation for breastfeeding British experts believe a good idea.

Although the initiative has critics. Some women say that they could offend breastfeeding for money. There are those who are confused by the procedure verify that a woman breastfeeds (assuming that it will do midwives and doctors). But others believe that breastfeeding - it's an extra bonus material because women are saving on artificial milk formulas.

And you would have stimulated the money on to continue to breastfeed?

Author: Julia Gnedina