Pamela Anderson feels more sexy with short hair
 Pamela Anderson told reporters New York Magazine, she decided to take a new haircut, and how it feels after such a radical change of image.

Pamela said that the decision came quite spontaneously haircut. For a long time she did not think just really wanted to make the hair shorter. And I trust his longtime friend, stylist Laurent.

Sex diva admits that the thrill of the new style she likes. It feels very easy, like "just stepped out of the shower." In addition, the hair is pushing to change something in my life. "Mowing - a symbolic thing. It's like a farewell to the past. It makes moving forward "- said Pamela.

Star believes that the haircut let her finally be herself. She freed her, and now everybody wants her face and her personality. Pamela also noted and the incredible convenience of the short hair. "Now I look at the girls with long hair and think about how much work they require! ".

And one more, perhaps the most unexpected recognition from Anderson: "Now I feel sexier and more feminine! While it is still getting used to a new haircut. "

Author: Julia Gnedina