Another model may be deprived of the title "Angel Victoria`s Secret»
 Previously, Miranda Kerr broke with the mark: first, ceased to be the "Angel of Victoria`s Secret», and then it was announced that it would not take part in the prestigious annual show of the brand. Now, another model, collaborating with Victoria`s Secret, may be deprived of the honorary title of "Angel."

Talking about Erin Heatherton, the former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio. New York Post says that its history dates back almost as much as it was Miranda.

Now it announced that Erin Heatherton did not come to the podium on 13 November when will the most momentous show marks the final year. The official reason - Erin a lot of work. But insiders say that "it was very difficult to work," personal life vagaries sometimes interfere with work.

Most likely, it may take a little time and Erin will have to part with the brand and the honorary title of "Angel Victoria`s Secret», which is given to all the girls-models of the cult underwear brand. At least for Miranda Kerr refusal to participate in the show it is meant the end of a career in the Victoria`s Secret.

Author: Julia Gnedina