Aroma LEau de Parfum du 68 by Guerlain: a tribute to the roots
 In 1914, the perfume Guerlain House opened his own shop in the heart of the bustling capital - on the Champs Elysees. In honor of the opening of the store, Jacques Guerlain to create a fragrance "Parfum des Champs-Élysées" («Aroma Champs Elysées"), enclose it in a luxurious and at the same time fun
bottle in the shape of a turtle from a crystal production Baccarat. It was an ironic allusion to the prolonged construction periods boutique.

Modern Paris ... Thierry Wasser Wanting to reflect the rhythm of Parisian nightlife, created spicy woody fragrance   - The same dynamic and dizzy. For its initial notes characteristic thick sweetness mandarin Seasoned cardamom . Then, in the original bouquet harmoniously merge magnolia, orange blossom   and immortelle And notes tonka, benzoin   and citrus   make it more tender. Notes Cedar   and Frankincense   make the final touch to this unique scent of unforgettable Parisian nights.

 Aroma LEau de Parfum du 68 by Guerlain: a tribute to the roots

L'Eau de Parfum du 68 . More than ever, Thierry Wasser inspired by the history and heritage Of Guerlain . This exquisite fragrance - a link between the past and the future is not so much a tribute to the many claims on their own importance. Wood composition at its core is based on the contrast of hot and cold spicy notes. Charming notes everlasting   and Roses   merge unique floral duet. The aroma reveals notes heliotrope   and benzoin Exuding easily recognizable trail inherent flavors Guerlain. The bottle is decorated with a facade of a building on the legendary Champs-Elysées, 68, which is formed by a platinum serigraphy.

On sale from November 1 exclusively in the Central Department Store, Gallery "Seasons" and ESWL (St. Petersburg).

From January 2014 - in all points of sale of exclusive fragrances Guerlain.

Price: 8000 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova