"The Best User of August" at myJulia.ru
 So came the last month of summer. For some it is just another working month, and for some hope of a rest, enjoy the warmth of the sun and the opportunity not to pull the extra clothing. In any case, in the summer and warmer rain and the wind is not so penetrating, and in general ... It is possible to feel younger, making a small, but such pleasant folly.

And users myJulia.ru a traditional portal for this contest "Best User of the Month", which we held with the brand Philips.

We liked the idea of ​​choosing the winners by categories, so again we will choose the best writers, the best of the best bloggers and commentators.

This time, the winners are not just the most active users.

The author, who will delight all articles on useful and interesting topics will be the holder of a vacuum cleaner FC8471 Philips function Wet & Dry

 "The Best User of August" at myJulia.ru

The company Philips introduces line of vacuum cleaners PowerPro Compact and PowerPro Active technology PowerCyclone 4, ensuring high suction power that cleaning was not only faster, but also more efficient. PowerCyclone technology is now available in all bezmeshkovyh vacuum cleaners Philips!

  Hairdryer SalonDry Pro HP8251 Philips will receive a user has been active in the "Diaries". The main requirement - most of the materials must be original, ie, written by the author himself. Entries from the Internet are recorded in one case - they must be equipped with their own comments and ratings.

 "The Best User of August" at myJulia.ru

Hairdryer SalonDry Pro HP8251 from a new line of professional hair styling devices from Philips is equipped with a technology by which hair will always be protected and to create hairstyles require a minimum of time and effort. Ion conditioning system and a ceramic element to protect your hair from damage, dust and static electricity. Powerful air flow will dry the hair for a few minutes.

And Minifon get the user to please all the most interesting entries in groups. Conditions are the same - your own thoughts, your own image, your own comments.

 "The Best User of August" at myJulia.ru

New Minifon allows you to talk on the phone and at the same time deal with any chores: ironing clothes, doing manicures, cook dinner, watch out for children. Unlike conventional cordless phones, Philips MT3120T Minifon Keep: you can attach it to your clothing using the special attachment to hang the machine lace around the neck, or simply put the machine on the stand. Now, while talking on the phone hands will be completely free, will not have to grip the phone between shoulder and head, at the risk of dropping it.

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova