11th International Festival of Outdoor Fitness MIOFF
 From 7 to 11 October 2013 in Moscow, "Crocus Expo" will be held the 11th Moscow International Open Fitness Festival MIOFF - FITNESS RUSSIA 2013.

Moscow International Open Fitness Festival held since 2002 and is the only full-scale exercise fitness industry in Russia. The project brings together The exhibition   specialized equipment Forum   management experts fitness industry and the International Fitness Convention . In 2013 MIOFF-Fitness Russia will be held in collaboration with the network of fitness clubs World Class.

In MIOFF - Fitness Russia in 2013 will be attended by experts from different parts of the world: America, Europe, Asia. It will be 130 workshops, 74 lectures, 30 workshops, seminars and training sessions on the total area of ​​18, 000 m2.

11th International Specialized Exhibition of Fitness and Wellness Equipment

From 9 to 11 October 2013 at a total area of ​​10 000 square meters will be on display all segments of the fitness industry: professional fitness equipment, software, services, food - everything you need to equip the fitness clubs, halls for group programs, a spa, fitness bars, as well as a wide range of fitness equipment and accessories for training. In total more than 180 brands from major companies such as Cybex, Eleiko, Fitness Division, Foreman, Geo PGS Olimp, Life Fitness, Neotren, Star Track, Technogym, Wellform, Zumba, Beck MFitnes, RFitnes, SportRus, Fitness System. During the exhibition, presentations of new products, show programs and dynamic Vork-shops.

The training program for the management of the fitness industry experts

Pre-Forum management specialist fitness industry and wellness

7 and 8 October within Pre-Forum   held methodological seminar   "The organization and management of sales service in the fitness club" . During two days of intensive work with the guru fitness industry participants of the seminar will learn new technology sales and service tailored to the new trends in the fitness industry and characteristics of regional markets fitness services. The workshop will hold Inna Yemelyanov Expert and project manager of the Association of Fitness Professionals, teacher program SUM MBA intensive in Fitness and Olga Malygin , Ph.D., professor of disciplines "Organization Theory" and "Knowledge Management" State University of Management.

11th International Forum management specialist fitness industry

From 9 to 11 October in the four halls Forum   there will be lectures, seminars and business training. Listeners expect the practice professionals and the world of the Russian fitness industry, business communication and exchange of experience on management, financial control, personnel motivation, marketing, effective implementation of new fitness programs and equipment. This is a unique opportunity for directors, managers and managers of the fitness industry to acquire the necessary knowledge to ask questions and get recommendations for solving urgent problems. Lectures will hold a master of his craft - the best specialists of the fitness industry, including Guy Cammilleri (US), Samantha Clayton (USA), Jane Montoya, (USA), Harry Taylor (Great Britain).

Again the program Forum   held sessions with professional business coaches. Specialists in sales, training, negotiation and management, not directly related to the fitness industry to help take a look at the standard questions of fitness club from a different angle and find new solutions to familiar problems. Classes hold Baryshev Asya   (Research journal "The secret of the company" one of the ten best coaches in Russia) Evgeny Ovchinnikov   (since 1999 spent more than 1,500 days of training for more than 20 000 participants) Sergey Azimov   (Best Business Coach of Russia in 2013 in the category "Sales School") and Alexander Shumilin   (experience in consulting since 2006, bines coach, an expert in sales, consulting experience since 2006)

The training program for instructors group programs and gym

Lectures for instructors group programs and gym

7 and 8 October specifically for the gym instructor and group tutorial programs will be held the following areas: dietetics, exercise for weight loss, functional training, personal training sales.

International Pre-Convention

7 and 8 October in the Festival program in-depth training on the theory and practice of fitness. Program Pre-Convention will take place on the 5 top-end destinations: TRX, Mind & Body, Dance, Functional, RealRyder. Classes will spend the best presenter of the fitness industry from around the world.

 11th International Festival of Outdoor Fitness MIOFF

The 11th Moscow International Fitness Convention

From 9 to 11 October and Russian foreign presenter on four stages will demonstrate new opportunities and fitness workouts. In addition to the traditional areas of the Convention - aerobics, dance, step, functional, combat, yoga, pilates and mind & body in the program news: Weight Loss and Special Programs (Program for pregnant women, children and the elderly) and activities under the program "Les Mills Stage", enjoying very popular around the world. Among the headliners Convention star foreign presenter: Aketza Isasi (Spain), Andy Sasse (Germany), Balazs Fuzessy (Romania), Clayton Samantha (USA), Cristina Iorio (Italy), Gus Bembery (US), Igor Castiglia (Italy) Lars Wensink (USA), Michael King (USA), Natalia Bull (US), Pamela Ngatsala (USA), Przybilka Julia (Sweden), Sifter Timea Taraba (USA), Steve Boedt (USA).

Traditionally, the MIOFF - FITNESS RUSSIA 2013 will be held the final of the competition International Fitness Open in 2013, where they will compete as the experienced instructors, and beginners.

In 2013, the partners of the 11th Moscow International Open Festival MIOFF-Fitness Russia made by Reebok - the official fitness equipment Festival, Powerade - the official sports drink and Herbalife - the official partner for nutrition.

The opening ceremony MIOFF - Fitness Russia 2013 will be held on October 9 at 12:00.

Welcome to the MIOFF - Fitness Russia in 2013 and invite you to participate in our events industry professionals, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts!

For more information about the Festival MIOFF - Fitness Russia 2013: www.mioff.ru.
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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova