Baby Kate Middleton and Prince William - more influential than his parents
 The British newspaper London's Evening Standard published its annual ranking of the top 1000 most influential Londoners. In the list there is little Prince George.

The drafters of the rating explain why the 8-month-old baby went into such a prestigious list. "Son of the Duke and Duchess Kembrizhskoy was chosen because it was the capital of the world-famous British envoy." According to the editors of the rating, George joined the British and attracted great attention of the world to London. That is why the baby is the first line of top 1000 most influential Londoners in 2013.

In the second place city mayor Boris Johnson. Kate Middleton is on the 7th line, and Prince William shares 11th place with his brother, Prince Harry. In the list there is the Queen of Great Britain, and British Prime Minister David Cameron, as well as such well-known as the British Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss.

Author: Julia Gnedina