The rumors were confirmed: Kate Moss undress for Playboy
 It remains to wait until December, when the number of American Playboy released a top model on the cover. News Kate Moss herself has confirmed in an interview with Los Angeles Times.

It will be a jubilee issue of Playboy (January-February 2014). Journal, 60 years old, to this date and produced a surprise with a naked Kate Moss.

January 16, Kate also celebrate round date - the 40th anniversary. However, age does not prevent the model to participate in the most explicit photo shoots and still considered one of the prettiest and sexiest women.

The journal delighted that they were able to get Kate Moss for the anniversary issue. On this subject he spoke Hugh Hefner: "It is world-famous and iconic people. Therefore, we are pleased to celebrate its 60th anniversary with Kate, and present as always upscale and sexy pictures. "

I wonder if Kate classic rabbit ears and silk stockings, and we are waiting for something more creative?

Author: Julia Gnedina