Your perfect wardrobe: men's view of things
 Clothes and shoes in women too much does not happen - it is an axiom. Even when the cabinets are full of blouses, sweaters, dresses and other things, our daily "nothing to wear." But what men think about women's wardrobe? What things should be mandatory components of it? Polls of boys indicate that such must have not too much and that, fortunately, most of us are already there! Male perspective on women's clothing you can see in the new draft of the channel TLC «Dress up game."

And on the heels of asphalt ...

High-heeled shoes are loved not only women but also men .  They lengthen the legs, making them visually slimmer and that really there to talk, sexier .  Today, there is an incredible variety of heels and platforms, but men are conservative, preferring the classical form .  So those who want to be a temptress, we advise to forget about "buskins" thick heel, etc. .  Elegant thin "shot of" will be the best .  However, there is a nuance .  Most of the men recognized her love for high heels, or rather, to shod their beauty, but note that the girl is not able to walk in high heels, looks worse than if she wore flip-flops .  So before you win the hearts of men, Teach the art of tripping heels .  If you get it too, do not worry .  On the classic "boat" even on a small heel men speak with great reverence .  But with the "ballerinas" be careful - in terms of some of the stronger sex, they visually shorten the leg . 

Strictly and stylish

Strict "office" dress is not as boring as you think. "White top - black bottom" and then comes to mind men in their erotic fantasies. Maybe it's the seeming inaccessibility - because, as you know, an impregnable fortress is especially nice to win. Or maybe the case in the classic lines that have always been in vogue. Incidentally, the skirt should be discussed separately - it should be neither too short nor too long, ideally - just above the knee. And do not forget about the cut - this is the main highlight, which reduces men mad. Between the girl in a very short skirt and a longer, but with the cut, they clearly opt for the latter. And if in this section will be black tights with arrow - no man's heart can not stand!

 Your perfect wardrobe: men's view of things

Dress your blue ...

Or white. And maybe pink or beige. Color is not important - the main thing that it was easy, simple, not too pretentious. So you look at it light and airy. Of course, this is old version, but men enjoy such an outfit for girls. And by the way, it is in any case should not be calling - you're in it should look like a very shy, but at the same time intriguing. You can create suspense by a little more than an open neckline, bare shoulders, thin lyamochek, skirts just above the knee (but again, not too short) and so on. And yes - single-colored fabric, in the opinion of men, makes a dress - and, therefore, you - winning.

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Author: Anna Shustrova