Extreme weight loss in the Venezuelan
 This is not a diet, it is a surgical procedure in the language. Thanks to the method, the patient significantly reduces the consumption of food and passes only liquid products.

The technique has been tested yet in 2009 in Venezuela. The surgeon sewed in the language of a special patch, while imposing six stitches. As a result, the patch makes the consumption of solid food painful, forcing patients to switch to a liquid diet.

The method is considered to be super-efficient in a month, some losing up to 15 kg. However, there are side effects of such a "diet." Patients experiencing pain, speech problems, sleep. Consuming solid foods while actually impossible. Those who tried the method, very satisfied. They believe that such suffering is better than to be complete.

The maximum period during which you can wear the patch - a month. Thus, a monthly Venezuelan liquid diet.

Venezuelan Hospital successfully conducted the operation to implant the patch into the language. Procedure costs just $ 150, as opposed to Los Angeles, where such an operation is done for $ 2,000.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina