Lena Lenina began to wear normal hairstyles
 Russian Lady Gaga Lena Lenin never ceases to experiment with their hair. This time she vystrigla newfangled asymmetrical jagged bangs and indicated thereby fashionistas on ultramodern direction of hair fashion.

New icons capillary fringe fashion to reconcile the two opposing trends in fashion bangs 2013 - natural, careless and deliberately disheveled, on the one hand, and asymmetric, with the other hand. For all the stylists of the country is the new "normal" haircut Lena becomes a sensation, because they are used to seeing her with crazy towers of hair on his head.

Sergei Zverev   He stated: "I have been advised Lena cut bangs like a schoolgirl, and now thirty-year strict business lady Lenin looks like a romantic girl of fifteen. Very cool! ".

By the summer season is also the writer has chosen holiday coral orange manicure, which will look great on the beach against the backdrop of the turquoise sea. Bold uneven bangs further emphasizes the beautiful eyes of the owner Networks manicure studio Lena Lenina and makes it more erotic.

 Lena Lenina began to wear normal hairstyles

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova