More than 50% of men in the US and UK use make-up
 This sensational news - the result of the survey, which was conducted by JWT (marketing communications company) in the UK and the US. 1000 respondents were interviewed, as a result it was found that more than half of them are already using any make-up.

54% use a moisturizer and eye cream
39% is used in everyday life lip balm
29% do manicure
13% use wax eyebrows
19% use tanning
9% is applied to foundation
11% - bronzer
10% - concealer

And 26% of (oh they still are!), Do not use any make-up.

Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford are likely to know about such a number of men who use in America and England meykapom. That is why this autumn present their new make-up for men.

Author: Julia Gnedina