"The Best by June" on Diets.ru
 "Nightingale duets,
The air is heavy and a little dry.
Rove sunny summer,
Drives poplar fluff "
N. Seleznev

Here came the long-awaited first month of summer - June. Fluttering beautiful butterflies appear seasonal vegetables and fruit ...

Winners of the month, according to its results, will be presented:

HR1863 juicer from Philips   with its innovative QuickClean, allowing the juice to get the most for the least time.

 "The Best by June" on Diets.ru

* Juicer is equipped with a reliable 700-watt motor and the special inverted grid, allowing to squeeze up to 2 liters of juice from fruits, vegetables and berries for 1 reception, a special container to collect the cake, built into the base unit. Through electrolytic mikropolirovke, juicer mesh perfectly smooth, so it does not get stuck fiber cleaning products and a soft sponge under running water takes only 1 minute.

Steamer HD9150 from Philips   with touch controls and an innovative system of steam ChefProgram.

 "The Best by June" on Diets.ru

* Steamer chooses not only time, but also the optimum temperature to cook a couple of different foods (green vegetables, rice, fish and potatoes) - by using the built-in sensor. It is also equipped with three bowls with the possibility of separate programming function MealProgram to set the cooking time for each dish separately, audible indication that tells you when and in what sequence should be placed next to the bowl of a double boiler, a container for herbs and spices AromaInfuser.

Kettle HD4677 from Philips   from the collection of Viva, with two-way display, which allows you to determine exactly how many cups in the water is heated, removable filter double descaling.

 "The Best by June" on Diets.ru

* Maker is equipped with stylish neon display, wireless stand with 360 ° rotation for ease of use, a beep notification boiling water and ergonomic design.

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova