The first wood-musk perfume from Clean
 In September 2013 the brand launched the Clean aroma of White Woods ("white wood") - the first woody-musky fragrance brand. Its creator was the perfumer Harry Fremont (Harry Frémont).

Perfume, creating White Woods He worked with clean wood ingredients, focusing on the needs of customers brand Clean . Base notes of soft wood is combined with creamy musk and warm amber. The aroma is a bit sensitive, but it is the kind of sensibility that is pure, weightless and bright.

Notes of a new flavor: leaves of bergamot, mandarin, vanilla orchid, magnolia, sandalwood, musk praline   and black pepper .

 The first wood-musk perfume from Clean

Clean White Woods   It will be produced in vials of 30 ml, and 60 at a concentration of Eau de Parfum.

Author: Anna Shustrova