Actress Cameron Diaz was engaged in design bags
 Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz decided to change roles, and signed a contract with the brand Pour La Victoire as artistic director. Diaz will be directly involved in the creation of collections of shoes and handbags, as well as to engage in merchandising, marketing and advertising.

In an interview for the portal actress admitted that "Pour La Victoire gave her the opportunity to create something eternal." "I still have much to learn in this business" - Adds the actress - "I'm curious to know how to create the collection. I wanted to say that it will be very" fun "... but, actually, it is much deeper than just fun."

"I am interested aspect of my influence for the brand and its advertising campaigns. I love fashion. It's a big part of my life. People look at what I'm wearing. And it has an impact on what are other people - this is the world."

The new fashion collection from Cameron Diaz will be available no earlier than next spring. The actress said that is going to create a fashionable and at the same time, comfortable and quality shoes: "10 hours a day I spend in high heels. I know that is comfortable shoes. There are shoes that really want to wear, but it hurt too much. When I was younger, my relationship with my shoes were similar to the deadly duel never know which one of us will win. I'm going to create a really cool and functional shoes "   - Said Cameron.

The actress has also promised that the collection will be "financially affordable for working girls."

 Actress Cameron Diaz was engaged in design bags

Author: Anna Shustrova