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 Summer is traditionally considered a holiday sometimes, though long known that for a good trip, as well as for a wonderful holiday season does not matter. Each pore is its wonderful atmosphere, feelings, expectations, and, of course, the weather.
But we do not propose to tell you about the trip! Not at all!
Together with the brand Philips offers guests invite other users site. Do not worry, please! Only virtually!

Tell us about your hometown, town, city, village, hamlet, take a picture of the sights ... It is absolutely not necessary to talk about "the low tourist!" Show your favorite places, share your experience, write about it, remember the local legends, interesting stories, all that does for you is a place interesting.

The winner will receive the brand Philips Epilator SatinPerfect HP6581.

 Competition "invites! "On

The kit includes epilators SatinPerfect massage head, which lifts the thin skin surrounding the hair and at the same time has a soothing effect on the skin.

Taking care of the beauty of the lovely ladies, Philips offers a complete solution for the entire body. NR6579 and NR6581 models also feature optional wireless compact epilator for sensitive areas of the body that effectively and gently removes hair in the most sensitive areas. And thanks to the Wet & Dry epilator compact Wi-Fi can also be used even in the shower.

Given the compactness of the device, it will be a must on holiday!

The prize for second place - straightener HP8363 Jojoba Philips

 Competition "invites! "On

Only the most resistant to high temperatures, jojoba oil, added to the plate of the new rectifier facilitates sliding, and now you can easily straighten even the curly hair. Jojoba prevents any negative impact of the environment, protects the hair and makes it shiny, and the process goes very carefully straightening.

The winner of hair stylers HP8656 Philips will become a user, who took third place.

 Competition "invites! "On

With the help of Feng HP8656 and HP8655 brushes every woman can achieve professional results without any harm to the hair.

Innovative even heat distribution EHD, which is equipped with a nozzle for straightening HP8656, prevents overheating of individual sections of hair when drying. A unique combination of light alloy and ceramics make the most effective hair styling without damage.

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Author: Anna Shustrova