New from Dettol: Spray wounds
 Cycling, work at their summer cottage, playing on the playground and many other summer activities are often accompanied by minor troubles, such as abrasions, cuts, scratched knees and minor wounds. Young children are at high risk, but similar situations happen and adults.

After contact with the bacteria in a wound there is a risk of infection and prolong the healing and the probability of formation of scars. In such cases, the use of antiseptics - is one of the most effective ways predotvrascheniinfektsy when processing small wounds.

It is important to choose a high quality tool that quickly, safely and effectively treat the wound allows, preventing its infection.

Brand Dettol , An international expert in the area of ​​hand hygiene and antiseptic, is a novelty in the Russian market - Dettol   Benzalkonium Chloride Spray wounds .

 New from Dettol: Spray wounds

The drug has a number of characteristics that make it particularly convenient and effective tool in the treatment of minor wounds and abrasions:

* Spray application   - No need to touch the wound (in contrast to most conventional formats), which is particularly useful for children;

* It leaves no residue on skin and clothes   (unlike conventional iodine "zelenki" and many fat creams);

* Effective immediately   - Antibacterial action begins within 60 seconds after application;

* It kills bacteria   - Contains benzalkonium chloride antiseptic that kills a broad spectrum of bacteria;

* Convenient and compact   - Before applying the spray is not required to wash the wound with water spray you can take;

* It has a pleasant pine scent.

Mode of application

Dettol spray for wounds is very easy to use: it is enough to handle the wound (1-2 irrigation) by sending an aerosol spray on the affected area of ​​the skin from a distance of 4-12 cm to significant moisture. If necessary, apply bandage.

The recommended retail price - 270 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova