International exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears' Time Dolls №11 »
 May 29 - June 2, 2013
Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" (St. Isaac's Square., 1)

The exhibition "Time Puppet №11» will be located in the amphitheater, and an arena on the upper level with natural light and luxurious architecture that makes it possible to perceive and dolls as genuine artistic masterpieces.

For 5-year history of the International Exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears' Time Dolls "gained the status of an important event in the cultural life of St. Petersburg and the world. At one site presents the work of the best artists in the genre of art and collectible dolls, and runs a unique training forum for hundreds of artists.

  The main exhibition space is occupied by the exhibition of artists who will present a new collection of dolls made of different materials: porcelain, textiles, polymer clay and papier-mache. Each year the exhibition is becoming more interesting - the list of participants is expanding, as well as the geography of Japan, Latvia, Latvia, Ukraine, Finland, USA, Germany and so on. D. Guests of the exhibition will see the collection of dolls and Teddy bears: antique and modern, trendy hinge and Classic porcelain.

In the exhibition program:

- Charity Marathon Cultural Foundation "Dolls of the World" and the charity fund "Life Line" - "TildaManiya plus."   All money from sales of dolls Tilden in the project will be listed on opertsaii seriously ill children, which oversees the fund "Life Line"

- "Daughters of Verona" - Olga Sukach composition.   Club Studio "Doll Collection". The dolls, which have become a symbol of the person and the summer exhibitions, puppet important person - very important dolls. Premiere in St Petersburg!

- The main section of the exhibition - "Exhibits":   nonprofit original compositions, museum and private collections, art installations and performances. Exhibit internationally renowned creative organizations representing the art of the doll;

- Premiere project   Irina Andreeva "Nodules in the memory" . The artist creates a large-scale genre scenes in the technique of wet felting wool from the wild. The new project Irina - about the house, about his grandmother, about summer, about the children's memory, which retained the amazing moving images, animating the past;

- Foundation "Dolls of the World" traditionally bring together the best work of his exposition of St. Petersburg artists:   Roman Shustrova, Olga Guerra, Victor Grigoriev, Natalia Beltyukova, Dina Haychenko, Mary Kasyanenko, Mark Lee and Natalia Gaponova.

- The famous Russian Doll Gallery Irina Vahtanov Myzina   puppetry show masterpieces from the private collection gallery hostess, rare dolls and bears the famous artists of the world, and the latest works by Russian authors. A special section of the exhibition - the dolls contemporary Japanese artists On exhibition in Russia where this gallery is full exclusive;

- Exposition of the History Museum of Dolls "Silver Age of puppetry"   - A collection of dolls Pandora embodies the image of the Russian emigration - dancers, actresses, singers, fashion models. Bohemian poignant story about the dolls, which have become a link between past and present far from home;

 International exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears' Time Dolls №11 »
  International exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears' Time Dolls №11 »

- Anna Wexler, "Ways and processions";

- The 400th anniversary of the Romanov House Foundation project "Dolls of the World" - "Dolls and Toys of the royal family", the curator - a collector, restorer, painter Daria Kiseleva, Moscow.
  To celebrate in 2013 the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty-profit company EAST-WEST BRIDGE holds charity Assembly in France, the three Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and in Russia - St. Petersburg and the Gatchina Palace of Paul I. The premiere exhibition of dolls and toys, similar to those of children of the last Russian tsar, was held at the exhibition "Time of Dolls".

- Unique new collection of dolls from Schildkröt company from Germany   - Leader in the production of vinyl dolls design by famous artists of Europe and the world: Heidi Plyussok Nicole Marsholek etc .;

- Bright premiere - vinyl beauties of the famous duo of artists from the United States Sophia and Henry Zaviruzinski!

In St. Petersburg sent a few dolls from the collection of 2013, awarded the prestigious "2013 Dolls Of the Year Industry Choice Award". Now you have the opportunity to order specific dolls from the collection of 2013

- The second stage of the professional competition of the magazine "The Puppet Master" - "Doll of the Year";

- Project Pinkoterapiya: Z-dimension
Irina Goryunova. "My project - not an attempt to document images pink world But rather, an attempt to evoke in the viewer the faith that I have. And then, everyone will be able to see the full depth of beauty and harmony of our parallel universe, "- says the artist;

- Photo project "Dolls Petratvorene"   accompanies the exhibition "Time of Dolls in St. Petersburg" is not the first year and in the next days of the exhibition organizers have planned to hold a new fotoplener. At this time the main characters shooting antique dolls will be identical to those which were in Russian princesses.

- Dozens of exhibitions of Russian and foreign authors, to prepare for the most prestigious exhibition in St. Petersburg Puppet their new collections and masterpieces.

Contact: Executive Director of the exhibition "Time of Dolls" and TeddyFun in St. Petersburg Natalia Galumova,, tel: 8 (921) 740-20-28

Author: Anna Shustrova