"The Best by May" on myJulia.ru
 May pleased we finally warm, everything is green, flowers, as though in a hurry to make up for the missed time. At such a time, and only want to live and work!

We offer users myJulia.ru do not just so, and take part in competition "The best user of May" Which is held in conjunction with the brand Philips!

The winner of the contest will get the appliance to function SatinPerfect HP6581 Wet & Dry

 "The Best by May" on myJulia.ru

The hypoallergenic ceramic discs epilators SatinPerfect textured with silver ions gently and painlessly remove even the finest hairs and provide the highest level of hygiene. And the best opening of disks 0, 4 mm ensures the capture of the shortest hairs, without damaging the skin. Due to the wide epilation head SatinPerfect epilators remove more hair in a single motion, ensuring the smoothness of the skin for a long time.

User runner-up will be awarded rectifier Philips ActiveCare

 "The Best by May" on myJulia.ru

The ceramic plates rectifier ActiveCare HP8363 added natural jojoba oil, has long been known for its healing properties and is used in many cosmetic products for hair care. It nourishes and restores the hair structure without weighing envelops their unique protective film. Jojoba prevents any negative impact of the environment, protects the hair and makes it shiny, and the process goes very carefully straightening.

And the prize for the third place - hair stylers HP8656 Philips

 "The Best by May" on myJulia.ru

Innovative packing fen-HP8656 and HP8655 brushes allow a home to create an expressive volume - the basis of any fashionable hairstyle and carefully straighten long hair, are so popular among women.

HP8656 and HP8655 equipped with interchangeable tips, which gives the ability to do a variety of natural styling every day, carefully protecting the hair from overheating.

Contest rules and details

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova