Vintage femininity of Carolina Herrera: fragrance CH Sublime
 Eau de parfum CH Sublime - a new version of the fragrance in the legendary universe of CH Carolina Herrera de Báez. Creating a new song, Carolina Herrera was inspired by the charm of a refined and sensual girl. This mood is reflected in the perfume bouquet CH Sublime, which makes the image of its owner irresistible.

The image that inspired the creator of this fragrance - cheerful and charming, both charismatic and mysterious young lady. The new fragrance makes it even more intriguing and attractive.

CH Sublime   from Carolina Herrera   It embodies the character of passionate nature with a wonderful sense of humor. Carolina has created a new composition with strong sound chypre notes But I gave them new, romantic shades.

 Vintage femininity of Carolina Herrera: fragrance CH Sublime

Chypre perfume water traditionally embodies the ideal of sensuality, combining notes bergamot, patchouli, moss   and ambergris Which combined with the skin, and floral-fruity accords. CH Sublime   - Modern flavor that reflects femininity with a touch of vintage.

The combination Roses   and patchouli Known since the early 20s, it formed the basis of the composition, and has acquired a new meaning: it became easier and more urgent due to the chords of juicy fresh rose petals.

Contrast notes, united in flavor CH Sublime , Achieved through unexpected combinations bergamot   and Passion flower .

At the end of the composition reveals exotic note Orchid   and traditional leather chord   - A duo that gives flavor contemporary sound and in harmony with his tsvetochno- fruit-based .

 Vintage femininity of Carolina Herrera: fragrance CH Sublime

Eau de parfum CH Sublime   It complements the inimitable femininity girl who will wear the new fragrance from Carolina Herrera .

The freshness of the top notes bergamot   It emphasizes the features of the original owner CH Sublime   and her subtle sense of humor. Further, in the upper shades revealed a sweet chord Passion flower The essence of charm and individuality of flavor.

At the heart of the perfume water sounds rose   - A unique flower that embodies the natural beauty. Orchid   - A plant that is clinging to trees, rises, until out of sight, - reflect the mystery of the character of the heroine of the new fragrance. Nota patchouli   and leather chord   complete the composition, and most vividly emotional stress and unpredictability of the owner CH Sublime .

 Vintage femininity of Carolina Herrera: fragrance CH Sublime

The fragrance will be available in June 2013

Author: Anna Shustrova