Madonna was photographed without makeup
 Madonna often befalls criticism that she does not look the best way, and they say, no makeup and retouching of her pictures would be terrible. But the star of this weekend showed that her skin in perfect condition.

The paparazzi were waiting for Madonna this weekend, when she was leaving the Kabbalah center in New York. They managed to capture the pop diva is absolutely no makeup.

Editors NewYorkMagazine (online version) delivered their verdict: no meykapa Madonna is even better! We are used to seeing her with a very intense makeup: she loves dark shadows, scarlet lipstick, and a large amount of powder. But without makeup 54-year-old singer shows a radiant complexion, smooth skin and lack of wrinkles!

 Madonna was photographed without makeup

Maybe she did not need to be painted?

Author: Julia Gnedina