Makeup artist Andrew Drykin revealed the secrets of perfect make-up
 For five days during Russian Fashion Week has worked super-project Colgate Optic White. Daily master classes in make-up and completion of their way to this or that event on the make-up artist and a guru Andrew Drykina his case, as well as prepared, probably the most glamorous in the Russian stylist Maxim Rapoport images were shown elegantly beautiful model Elena Cherniavskaya.

There were represented 5 bows:
- Morning coffee,
- Business Makeover,
- Romantic view,
- Make-up for the trip,
- Glamorous image.

 Makeup artist Andrew Drykin revealed the secrets of perfect make-up

 Makeup artist Andrew Drykin revealed the secrets of perfect make-up

"Makeup, like clothes, is an integral part of the way - comments Andrew Drykin expert Colgate Optic White - On this, careful selection of cosmetics and makeup ideas. After all, he is a kind of make-up wear our face. The right makeup always emphasize how you look, but it can and lubricate the entire image if it is applied properly, or its intensity is misplaced. But, in my opinion, it is always important to highlight your brilliant smile, she should be on top, and then you are not afraid of any difficulties. "

Star guests stand Colgate Optic White also could not resist and took photos at the "wall of white smiles Colgate Optic White». So in the home photo album presenter Aurora singer Prokhor Chaliapin, Alena Sviridov, actress Olesya Sudzilovskaia and many other stars were added new pictures in the style of Colgate Optic White.

 Makeup artist Andrew Drykin revealed the secrets of perfect make-up
  Makeup artist Andrew Drykin revealed the secrets of perfect make-up

So, the basic rules of makeup from Andrew Drykina:

  - Always start with make-up cleaning and preparation of the face.

- When applying the cream on the face of synthetic cosmetic brush tended to bring more and more nutrients to your skin without taking moisturizing cream, as, for example, occurs when applied by brush or natural sponzhikom;

- Foundation is always applied on the center of the face to the edges, thus achieving great uniformity of application. Foundation or powder can be applied transparent or tight, but in any case, they should not be visible on the face, otherwise we will have to start anew makeup;

- "Eyebrows - Hanger face." If you are not completely made up, but you have perfect eyebrows, even in this case, you can be rest assured about their image. Eyebrows are always in the spotlight. Remember that the perfect color for eyebrows is the one that you have the roots of the hair, and if you're blonde, this information shall be for you the most significant;

- Eyes, eye shadow, it is always necessary to be very careful, because it is this element of make-up in the first place tells others about exactly where you are going. If this is the morning access to coffee, it is very important not to "overload" the eye, while for evening makeup dark or saturated colors can be just;

 Makeup artist Andrew Drykin revealed the secrets of perfect make-up

- Gray eye shadow is a good starting point makeup, using them easy to create an image and accents. If you have close-set eyes, the better to shift the focus to the outer corner of the eyes, if eyes "wide apart", we should not forget the inner corner of the eye;

- It should be noted that blush, foundation and the like must not be visible on the face, they should look as much as possible of course. Thus, it is best to put their large, soft and fluffy brush. For the color well suited pink and golden shades that give "life" even very pale skin tone and create the effect of sunburn;

- The more fluffy blush brush, the better. It may be a flat fan or a dense round, but certainly it should be soft and comfortable;

- Lips are now in vogue matte texture. To preserve the natural radiance of the lips and at the same time give them a bright shade, you can use a semi-transparent method of applying lipstick;

- Focus on the lips in a make-up allows your teeth to look better or worse way. Usually, our tooth enamel color could be either gray or yellowish color, dark lipstick better whiteness of teeth is isolated even if it is hardly noticeable in the natural color of the lips. For gray shades are perfect cool shades or neutral color lipstick and lip gloss for a yellow shade more suited warm colors and rich colors of cosmetic products for lips.

Author: Anna Shustrova