New volume mascara ARTISTRY Signature Eyes
 Cosmetic brand premium ARTISTRY is a novelty - ARTISTRY Signature Eyes - the first volume mascara in the range of the brand. The increase to 600% for the most spectacular and lush lashes.

Wag the eyelashes, which will make men's hearts flutter - now you can afford it! Innovative brush MagnaBoost   and the formula FullFX   instantly increase the volume, emphasizing each eyelash, making eyes bright and attractive.

ARTISTRY Signature Eyes   It creates voluminous, thick eyelashes long. Mascara is easily applied due to intense black pigment. Resistant formula keeps weightless volume without lumps all day without sticking lashes at the same time caring for them.

 New volume mascara ARTISTRY Signature Eyes

Tips for using volume mascara ARTISTRY Signature Eyes:

1. Hold the brush horizontally and apply mascara from the roots to the tips.
2. Make the required number of strokes to produce a desired result.
3. When the upper lashes are dry, apply mascara on the lower lashes.

 New volume mascara ARTISTRY Signature Eyes

Estimated price: 1530 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova