Always Sensitive: softness just when she needed
 Privacy, comfort and softness play a major role in how a woman feels, especially during the critical days. That is why it is so important to choose the right product that will not only provide protection, but also give a pleasant care. For example, soft like cotton, new Always Sensitive.

The gentle touch to the skin - one of the most pleasant sensations that we are given to experience. Walk barefoot in the sand, the gentle touch of sweaters angora or cashmere shawls to the body, the arms of a loved one - just some things that give us this feeling. Now they add softness new Always Sensitive .

Comfort and protection of Always Sensitive provide the basic components that make up this unique installation:

• The soft top layer:   special soft zone contour gaskets give added comfort and designed so that the upper layer of fiber reinforced soft feeling.

• The absorbent layer:   the liquid is quickly absorbed and redirected inward, so the closest layer to the body remains dry. The inner layer comprises a superabsorbent, which converts the liquid into a gel, keeps it inside the gasket and prevent leakage back.

 Always Sensitive: softness just when she needed

Treat yourself to an incredible comfort, protection and a soft care during special days with a soft as cotton, Always Sensitive.

Author: Anna Shustrova