Malin Akerman is ink-stylist "Incredible volume"
 You are constantly on the move - with the work of the party, the party on a date ... and still want to look your best. Oriflame is ink-stylist "Incredible volume", which can be applied over and over again to create a stunning volume of eyelashes in any situation.

Hollywood actress of Swedish origin Malin Akerman   is staggering novelty in the catalog Oriflame - Mascara stylist "Incredible volume" : "I want to conquer a glance! As an actress, I should be ready for any situation, so I just fell in love with the new Mascara "Incredible volume"   from Oriflame. In one motion, I can make the look more expressive and profound, and lashes - just luxurious. This is the new must-have in my purse! " .

Being at an altitude at any time to help Mascara stylist "Incredible volume"   MEGA through brush, increasing the volume and unique elastic formula VoluFlex. Now you can give a look expressiveness and depth at will, putting Novik layer by layer, at any time during the day.

The special formula VoluFlex   It helps to create a truly spectacular volume of eyelashes, keeping them soft and flexible even after drying. 84% of women have confirmed that formula remains elastic from the first to the last application.

 Malin Akerman is ink-stylist "Incredible volume"

Each new coat of mascara "Incredible volume" is applied as easily as the first one, not gluing eyelashes and increasing their volume. First layer mascara "Incredible volume"   separates lashes and gives them shape, three layers make the look more expressive, and five coats of mascara create the effect of false eyelashes.

Enjoy a unique MEGA brush   with bristles of varying length is very simple: Apply mascara and stripped lashes with long bristles and short, will help you to create the effect of mega volume and give the look extraordinary expressiveness.

It can be applied over and over again! Formula VoluFlex MEGA brush and allow to apply several layers of mascara during the day. You can increase the amount as much as necessary - the lashes remain fluffy and elastic. Mascara will not roll, crumble or glue eyelashes. It does not spread. Easy to apply - it's nice to wear! Mascara is available in two colors: black and plum. 8 ml.

 Malin Akerman is ink-stylist "Incredible volume"

Price: 310 rubles.

Ink-stylist "incredible amount of" on sale to March 11, 2013 .

Author: Anna Shustrova