New from Sisley: fitorumyana Phyto-Blush Eclat
 Brand Sisley represents a new tool for flawless makeup - compact Fitorumyana micronized texture "Glow" Phyto-Blush Eclat.

Fitorumyana "The Shining" Phyto-Blush Eclat :

* Instantly refreshes the complexion (micro-pigments with a light iridescent effect);
* Keep a sense of comfort and softness of the skin;
* Make discreet wrinkles and imperfections of the skin (the effect of soft focus), evens;
* Allows to make and natural, elegant and sophisticated makeup.

In the new blush extremely interesting and useful for the skin composition with a lot of natural ingredients: gardenia, mallow, linden, rose, gingko biloba, corn .

4 pairs of shades:

* 1 peach - Peach;
* 2 lychee - Litchi;
* 3 Mango - Mango;
* 4 pink - Pinky Rose.

 New from Sisley: fitorumyana Phyto-Blush Eclat

Manufacturers recommend to apply blush brush in the form of spots of light (light color) or to correct facial contours (darker tone).

Author: Anna Shustrova