The Russian businessman is planning to release a fragrance dedicated to the Chelyabinsk meteorite
 The meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk in the last month, could be immortalized the most unusual way. A local businessman wants to release a perfume dedicated to this celestial body. This writes

Daredevil named Sergei Andreyev. He decided to create a fragrance that is likely to be called "Chebarkul meteorite," the name of the lake, where they found fragments of a meteorite crashed to the Urals. Local authorities support the idea and believe that interest in the new product will be worldwide.

What can smell perfume dedicated meteorite? Fire, smoke, stone, metal? Did you know that these notes have modern fragrances? While you wait for the novelty of Chelyabinsk businessman have time to try the famous aromas with smoky notes: Azzaro Chrome, Bond. No 9. Silver Bond, Terre d'Hermès.

Author: Julia Gnedina