Venus and Olay have teamed to create a razor
 In 2013, Venus and Olay represent the first joint development -
new razor with five blades system Venus and Olay moisturizing pads for divinely smooth skin and well-groomed!

Studies confirm that women enjoy the feeling of his own irresistible magic and self-confidence, when the skin of legs after depilation is silky smooth, well-groomed and hydrated. Therefore, Venus and Olay have jointly created a razor that combines the most advanced technology of the world leader in the field of women's shaving Venus and deep expertise in matters skincare Olay. New razor Venus & Olay - is a system of five blades plus a moisturizing pad for a smooth shave and soft hydrated skin!

 Venus and Olay have teamed to create a razor

Razor Venus & Olay established the principle of "all in one": the most advanced technology of Venus - a system of five blades - and moisturizing pad, developed by experts Olay, ensures a comfortable close shave gentle and effective skin care feet. And thanks to non-slip ergonomic handle and luxurious white and gold design to use a new razor Venus & Olay is incredibly convenient and pleasant.

70% of women agreed that this new product better than any other razor that they have ever used, and the skin after shaving becomes softer and smoother. *

Five blades are closer to each other *, which reduces pressure on the skin during shaving and make the process as comfortable as possible. Razor tight to the skin and precisely follows every curve of the body, easy to remove unwanted hair, even in such difficult areas like knees and ankles.

 Venus and Olay have teamed to create a razor

Moisturizing pads with improved, more reliable attachment to the razor head contains a complex caring and facilitate shaving components that lubricate the skin for better glide and take care of her health and beauty. Among active natural ingredients - glycerin and petrolatum to protect and moisturize the skin, as well as oil Garcinia indica, known for its soothing properties.

* Compared with razor Venus Breeze.

Author: Anna Shustrova