Culinary Competition "We all come from childhood ..." continues!
 The TV channel "TV Kitchen" sums subtotals culinary competition "We all come from childhood ...".

At the moment, we have received a lot of interesting and original photographs with useful and delicious dishes from childhood. Each image is steeped in a warm home, nostalgia for the departed years. We look forward to new works that will surprise us!

Recall, we decided to hold a competition with the same name, because all of us were once children and remember how it was delicious is exactly what lovingly prepared by our family and friends.

The smell of pies from the kitchen, Grandma's pancakes and dumplings, cake "Napoleon" and even a simple semolina cooked in a special home recipe, give another opportunity to experience the unique taste of childhood and plunge into unforgettable memories of carefree and boundless happiness. Warmth and comfort we received from parents, we try to be fully present and to your children, family tradition passing from generation to generation.

The competition is organized by TV channel "TV Kitchen" and the retail chain "Magnit" and runs from 1 October to 30 November in 100 hypermarkets "Magnet" on the entire territory of Russia.

 Culinary Competition "We all come from childhood ..." continues!

Author: Anna Shustrova