Microbeauty - deep hydration of the skin 24 hours a day!
 Human skin is 70% water. But this is not to say that it does not need moisture. Variations in temperature, improper care, constant proximity to the batteries and air conditioners seriously hit the water balance of the dermis. The skin begins to dehydrate, shelled appear circles under the eyes, wrinkles. Stop these unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible the power of the miracle machine Microbeauty !

It belongs to the development of innovative companies Microbeauty Technology. Through painstaking work and years of research experts it failed to create an ultrasonic humidifier for the skin! To date, it has no analogues! The most interesting is that the size of the device - a little more than lipstick. Therefore, it is easy to fit in a pocket or small handbag.

 Microbeauty - deep hydration of the skin 24 hours a day!
 Now describe the principle of operation of the machine. Inside, it has a capacity that is necessary to periodically fill with tonic water-based or plain water. By pressing the spray module, located on the front panel, the liquid is converted into nanoparticles and exits the sprayer. Getting on the skin, they penetrate into the cells and it is saturated with moisture vital. Incidentally, no cosmetic is not capable of such deep moisturizing!

Barely a week after the start of use of the device you will notice the first results! The skin becomes more elastic, fine wrinkles will disappear, and the complexion will be fresh and radiant!

By the way, the humidifier is suitable for use in beauty salons - it is an ideal complement to anti-aging treatments with hyaluronic acid.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova