New 9-to-1 by Rimmel
 When people talk about multitasking BB cream, it is usually referred to as five, six, seven nominations this product. Although the first BB-creams and all promised to only 3-in-1. New from the British brand Rimmel deserves attention, because it laid the effect of the nine (!) Means immediately.

New BB-Cream 9-In-1 Perfecting Super Makeup SPF 25 is designed for women who do not like to carry tonal basis. It's better than a moisturizer, and better than the dial - it's about the new facility.

 New 9-to-1 by Rimmel

Here are the nine promises of Rimmel:
- Primer
- Humidification
- Reduction of long
- Correction
- Toning
- Smoothing
- Matting
- Highlighting
- Protection

 New 9-to-1 by Rimmel

The novelty is released in 3 colors. Consistency - light cream, weightless as a mousse.

Author: Julia Gnedina