The secret of the beauty of Kate Middleton - bee venom
 You've heard the expression "bee stung lips"? It means the effect of plump lips, to which so many girls aspire to. And what about the "bees stung the skin?" This is also possible. If you use a cream based on bee venom.

By the way, it is now almost a favorite means for a person of the female half of the British Royal Family. First, Camilla Parker (wife of Prince Charles) tried a novelty, and then advised Kate Middleton. We are talking about the cream-mask Bee Venom Face Mask companies from Heaven.

The publication InStyle learned that Kate used the mask on the eve of her wedding to Prince William. Then everyone noticed that, despite the excitement, the future Duchess of skin looked flawless.

Magic tool to bee venom immediately dubbed "natural Botox". After all, after using the skin immediately tightens and increases its elasticity. Bee venom improves blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in fine lines leave almost a second.

 The secret of the beauty of Kate Middleton - bee venom

Author: Julia Gnedina